Over the last 39 years Gospel Harvesters International has ministered in over 35 different countries throughout the world. However in the last twenty-seven years it has concentrated on facilitating it’s work through independent, national indigenous ministries operating in India and West Africa. As a result of the generosity of our partners who stand with us, we have averaged seeing 100,000 first time decisions for Christ every year and have planted over 250 churches. Look us over and then if you love missions, come and join us.

Gospel Harvesters International is a “We Go To Them”, evangelistic, church planting ministry that confronts people with a clear understandable presentation of the gospel; bringing them to a point of decision. The spiritual care of those who have come to faith in Jesus Christ is then arranged through local churches and ministries.

Staying In Touch

August 2017 Prayer Letter

Could it be about intimacy? It was one of the Bonar’s from Scotland in the mid-1850’s who said, “find out where God is working and then join Him.” Fast-forward to 1990, Henry Blackaby brought…

July 2017 Prayer Letter

Greetings in the name of our Lord! This month I wanted to feature a short report from our Director in India, Aaron John Samuel (Sam). I pray it will bring you a lot of…

June 2017 Prayer Letter

This month I wanted to feature a testimony from one of our students at the college. They’re on break and will be returning June 1. Here are some words from Isaac. He speaks for…


Thirty-nine years ago, God led Rev. Mack Kearney to establish what is now Gospel Harvesters International (GHI) when he made his first overseas ministry into Vijayawada, India in April, 1978.

Urgent Need

Please pray about becoming a supporter of our Fathers House Orphanage in India. We now have 34 young children who came from the Tsunami of December, 2004. For $75 per month, you can house, feed, clothe and educate a child. We have excellent facilities and the children love their new home.